Marsee Family

I visited the Marsees on New Year’s Eve in their home to get some pictures of their family. This family has FOUR daughters, and they are the sweetest, cutest girls. I had so much fun playing with the girls and getting to see their personalities shine through as we took pictures.

Mae, the youngest has some seriously beautiful eyes!

Mom made these adorable signs for the girls

Dad and Madison

Sometimes shooting in people’s homes is perfect because you come across perfect props, like these great blocks!

These two are awfully sweet, they are definitely each other’s best friend!

More of Mae’s stunning baby blues!

All smiles!

Dad & Mom


I love Savannah’s silly face

Poor Maddy had a hard time with my flash. She had her eyes closed in several of the pictures, but I think they’re still pretty cute!

Thanks again Marsees for having me in your home. I can’t wait til February when I get to go back and take Ruby’s 3 year pictures!

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