{4th of July, 2011} Portland, OR Photographer

Since I’m not really upkeeping my personal blog anymore, I am going to try and put some personal posts on here as well about some of the fun things that my husband Rick and I do. We are both super busy and social and I try my best to take a lot of pictures of all the fun things we do.

We had a really fun 3-day 4th of July weekend filled with fun and friends. Here are some pictures of our weekend!

Rick and I both play in a kickball league and were invited to play in a fun game that weekend. The only rule was you had to have a drink in hand the whole game. It was really fun, they call it Slosh Ball :) Here’s a shot of all the participants…Rick is in the white shirt in the chair and I’m in the orange on the right!

On the 4th itself we met some friends down on Waterfront Park to people watch before fireworks

The Hawthorne bridge at dusk

Me (in the middle) with my friends Kelly and Jenny

Around firework time we headed over to the Marriott on the waterfront. Our friends had rooms there for the night, with balconies overlooking the Blues Festival and the firework show. The rooms were on the top floor of the hotel, directly in front of the firework show. It ended up being the most perfect spot to watch the fireworks and gave a different vantage point of the city that I hadn’t seen before.

The Marriott from our vantage point…lots of other people on their balconies too

This has to be one of my all time favorite Portland pictures


What a great night!

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