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{Becky} Portland, OR photographer

Becky is my best friend in the whole world! We have been best friends since the 3rd grade-going on 24 years I think. Sadly, she lives all the way in Boise, while she’s in school, but she came into town in July and we were able to take a trip to the beach together, which was a lot of fun. Becky’s Dad recently got married and his new wife requested a large picture of Becky to hang in their hallway next to pictures of her kids’ senior pictures. I happily obliged and we were able to take some time while at the beach and get some frame-worthy pictures!

Becky has always been gorgeous, and with a good location and some good light, she’s even more so!

My favorite one…

And one silly (but still cute!) one for good measure!

I love you Becky!

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